Mission(ary) Statement

Our aim (AP and I) with this blog is to continue our exciting and enthusiastic apprenticeship as followers of soccer, particularly that of the European club variety.  As Americans we’ve decided to continue referring to the game as soccer in deference to our roots, and also because we don’t feel we’ve earned the cultural stripes and confidence, yet, to call the game by its rightful name, football.   We undertake this task of learning and appreciating the soccer played in England, Spain, Italy, and beyond, with the utmost respect and deference to the legacies, rivalries, traditions, and, perhaps most importantly, the cultural histories that inform them.  If you read the blog and find that our understanding of, say, the Arsenal/Tottenham Hotspur derby is lacking and/or misinformed, please comment and explain to us what we’ve misunderstood or misconstrued.  Our goal is informed fandom and appreciation of all aspects of the game.

Being recent converts to the Beautiful Game, we also strive and hope for this site to be a living, breathing compendium of knowledge for Americans and others new to the colorful intricacies of the vast soccer universe.  We hope this site can help ease the daunting transition into fandom.  We are going to build and compile: glossaries, reading lists and other helpful resources for the newly converted.

Ultimately, our goal is to have fun writing about something we’ve come to love.


About dennisseese

This blog is and will be written by 2 passionate, recently converted fans of the world's game, football, or soccer as it's known to Americans. We will be writing primarily about European club soccer and we hope for this site to be a living compendium of informed fandom as we seek to learn and appreciate more about the legacies, rivalries and cultural significance of the 'Beautiful Game."
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