EPLiens: Round 23 Recap

A lot of interesting matches and developments occurred in the Premiership over the weekend.  The most entertaining matches I was lucky enough to view were: Manchester City v. Wolves and Liverpool v. Everton (the second half of which was excellent!)  I was perplexed, however, by what happened in the Spurs/Manchester United match at White Hart Lane and I was extremely excited to see the business-like manner with which the Gunners shoveled dirt on West Ham’s struggling relegation avoidance campaign.  I wish I could have seen the entire West Brom v. Blackpool match because the glimpses I did catch were filled with glorious stretches of end-to-end excitement.   Chelsea was able to gain 3 valuable, desperately needed points with their 2-0 home win against Blackburn Rovers.   Sunderland got a late equalizer to escape with a 1-1 draw in the Wearside derby with Newcastle.

Completely Random Observations:

  • As an Arsenal fan, I’m very encouraged by Robin van Persie’s performance in the West Ham match.  His pass to Theo Walcott was more beautiful than either of his goals.  He looked healthy, sharp and on the verge of dominance. just in time for most difficult stretch of the season.
  • I met a Liverpool fan last summer, who when asked his opinion of Dirk Kuyt replied with a shrug: “I can take him or leave him, mostly leave him…he’s just there.”  Kuyt turned in another typically solid effort on Sunday against Everton, notching the tying goal on a smoothly taken penalty.  Liverpool’s first goal was also a byproduct of Kuyt’s industriousness, as Raul Meireles scored off the rebound of his shot in a breathless first-half sequence.  I just kept thinking to myself: how bad would this team be without a player like Kuyt.
  • Manchester City looked truly, truly dangerous against Wolves on Saturday.  I’ve been bitter towards Mancini and City ever since the Arsenal match a few weeks back, but this was an impressive display of quality and skill.  Edin Dzeko looks like he’ll fit into their attack smoothly and without much trouble.
  • I thought for sure that Spurs would get at least one goal past United and end their unbeaten run.   Other than Lionel Messi or Samir Nasri, I don’t think there is a player in the world I enjoy watching more than Rafael van der Vaart.

Sorry for the weekend hiatus and the brevity of this post.  More to come soon.

Here are a few bonus links:

ESPN’s take on the sudden and surprising move from Sunderland to Aston Villa by Darren Bent

Another of the Spoiler’s Excellent Lists: the 10 most miserable people in football

Interesting transfer rumors linking Luis Suarez and Mark van Bommel to Liverpool.


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