Even with a cursory glance at our fair site, you should be able to tell that Arsenal and Barca are our favorite teams and without them there probably wouldn’t be a blog.  So today’s fixture has been anticipated more than Christmas and our birthdays combined.  Without further ado, here are some cool links to get you even more excited about the match:

1. If you watched Barca at all over the past few months you’ve probably heard the incomparable Ray Hudson mention this awe-inspiring You Tube video entitled “Lionel Messi never dive!” Unfortunately, the embed code has been disabled.   Here is another shorter version with Ray Hudson himself providing commentary as only he can.

2.  Interview with lifelong Arsenal fan and author of the excellent Fever Pitch, Nick Hornby.

3.  Is this current version of Barcelona the best side ever?  ESPN’s Graham Hunter thinks so.

4.  Real time update:  Furious first half.  I think the sides were pretty even, with maybe a slight advantage to Barca.  Messi and Van Persie both missed titanic chances.  Theo Walcott has actually been one of the most dangerous players on the pitch.

5.  One of Robin Van Persie’s teammates thinks that he “walks on water”

6.  Wow.  What a match!!  My heart is pounding.  Arsenal proved that Barca are human.  The two players of the match, in my opinion, were Jack Wilshere and Laurent Koscielny.  Koscielny has been shaky at times this year but he was incredibly solid and positionally sound today, saving his best soccer for when it mattered most.  Wilshere was poised, showed great pace and made great decisions with the ball.  Arshavin’s goal was a work of art, originating on an incredible ball by Fabregas to Nasri, who took his time with an exquisite pass for Arshavin to finish.  I hereby rescind any and all criticism of Arshavin on this blog.  Man, these three weeks are going to go by slow


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This blog is and will be written by 2 passionate, recently converted fans of the world's game, football, or soccer as it's known to Americans. We will be writing primarily about European club soccer and we hope for this site to be a living compendium of informed fandom as we seek to learn and appreciate more about the legacies, rivalries and cultural significance of the 'Beautiful Game."
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