Champions League links and thoughts

– A truly awesome match between Bayern and Inter yesterday.

It was an exciting contest filled with attacking play from a multitude of world class players.  I mean, take your pick– there was Thomas Muller’s deft little flick that gave Bayern the lead in the match and a 2-1 advantage on aggregate; beautiful interplay between Samuel Eto’o and Wesley Sneijder in the build-up to Inter’s equalizer; more beautiful interplay involving Eto’o, this time resulting in a sweet finish by Goren Pandev.  Inter’s Esteban Cambiasso is right to be proud of the heart shown by his side.  The defending European champs displayed a level of workrate, grit and poise that, if put forth consistently, is going to make them extremely tough to dethrone.  What happened to this team?  They were abysmal in the early stages of the season.  Was Rafa Benitez just that poor of a fit?  Since Leonardo has taken over, Inter has been effective and exciting.  More please.

Inter Milan advances over Bayern on away goals (3-3 aggregate)

– Let’s give a cursory mention to a team that’s barely effective and never exciting.

Manchester United ground out a 2-1 victory against Marseille in front of bundles of yawning fans at Old Trafford yesterday.  Javier Hernandez remains too stylish and exciting to play for this team, as his brace saw the Red Devils through to the quarterfinals where they will be, in my opinion, the weakest side with the most hype.   Here’s hoping they draw Barca.

Classy move by Madrid and Lyon ridiculously blocked by UEFA.

Before their match this afternoon, the two sides had planned to wear t-shirts expressing well-wishes and sympathy to Barcelona defender Eric Abidal, who was found to have a tumor on his lung earlier this week.  I understand UEFA’s ban on emotional, personal messages etc., but this is beyond tone-deaf.  I don’t even think tin-eared, if-it is-broke-don’t-bother-fixing-it-Major League Baseball would veto this move.  I give extra kudos to Real Madrid for trying to show solidarity with a member of their fierce, hated rivals during an uncertain time.


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