Champions League Round of 8… Shakhtar Donetsk

With the UEFA Champions League resuming play this week, we thought it would be nice to familiarize everyone with the remaining 8 teams.  Most of them will be familiar to everyone, but there are a few surprises… So let’s take a look at the team that is least familiar to us – Shakhtar Dontesk

(the UEFA Champions League history contains figures starting from the ’92/’93 season – when it became more than just a competition between league winners)

Name – Shakhtar Donetsk (the “Waxtap” in the crest is Shakhtar in Ukarainian)

Nickname – the name Shakhtar comes from a society of Miners (all of the original players were miners) in the Donbass region of the Ukraine, so the nicknames are “Miners”, or more recently, “Moles”

Established – 1936, Donetsk, Ukraine

League – The Ukrainian Premier League (currently in first place)

  • Team leading scorer – Luis Adriano, 9 goals
  • Resumed League play in March after taking a winter break from December through February

Stadium – Donbass Arena – Since 2009 – 51,504 capacity

UEFA Champions League history (from ’92 til today)

  • Total record – 15-3-18
  • Faces Barcelona in this round, having met them twice before – ’04/’05 lost one, won one – ’08/’09 lost one, won one
  • This year marks the first time Shakhtar has made it to the knockout stages, advancing past A.S. Roma in the round of 16
  • Top scorers in this competition are Eduardo and Adriano, each with 4

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