Chelsea FC, Calcio and Catch-22

1.  Sorry about the delay between posts.  This past week has been the busiest one in awhile on all fronts.  Normalcy has been semi-restored.

2. The Chelsea/Spurs match on Saturday was one of the most dramatic and intense matches of the season.  Strange calls, sudden twists and turns of narrative momentum; it felt like a UEFA match and had all the attendant weight and electricity.  What is it with Frank Lampard’s knack for constantly instigating goal line technology crises.  The commentators presciently remarked that they felt Salomon Kalou would make a huge impact on the match, which he certainly did when he scored off a beautiful set-up from Didier Drogba in the 89th minute.  Drogba’s touch, turn and vision in the box were nothing short of phenomenal, as he patiently picked out the perfect ball to Kalou.  I don’t really want to shovel more dirt on the grave of Fernando Torres’ rep as a goal scorer, but I seriously couldn’t help wondering if those pulling the strings behind the curtain over at Roman Empire inc. ever think about the fact that they could have just not loaned Daniel Sturridge to Bolton, kept their obscene bundles of Euros and had even more chance to win the Premier league title on the strength of contributions from the in-form Sturridge (7 goals in 9 games for the Wanderers) inflating their goal differential even further. Oh well…Now it’s close to winner-take-all ahead of the huge showdown between Chelsea and United at Old Trafford.  Spurs, amazingly, have a lot of work to do to even qualify for Europe at all next season.

3. Calcio–does anyone remember Calcio?  I’ve been ghost-writing Serie A posts in my mind the last few weeks.  So much to catch up on there.  Here is a great Serie A recap by Roberto Gotta and I want to mention the excellent new blog and reborn Calcio and Coffee podcast done by, two of my favorite match announcers, Paul Visca and Richard Whittle.

4. Barca blur–Did the month long El Clasico binge really just breeze by that fast.  There will be much to say about that here in the next day or so, but until then here is a very interesting Guardian Spanish press recap

Stay tuned.


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