Homemade Blaugrana (I will be wearing one on Saturday)

photo by Sergio Peres/Reuters

I was wasting my time the other day looking at actual news on the New York Times website when I noticed an article there by Jere Longman entitled “Lionel Messi – Boy Genius.”  It’s a good article, but what blew me away and made me jealous is that a man named Robert Lalasz of Must Read Soccer decided to make poems out of the absolute sheer genius of Ray Hudson’s weekly commentary on Messi — before I could.  Here’s one:

He Doesn’t Live There
by Robert Lalasz

Absolute genius again
From Messi!
They tried
To kick him
They tried
To plow him into the ground
And what you do then?
You try to put
Fire out
With gasoline!
Don’t look for him
In the X’s and O’s
He doesn’t live there.
He doesn’t live in
The tactical world
Or the technical world
He lives in the
Magnetic spectrum
Of genius.
You could corral him with
A dozen alligators
And still he’d weave
His way out.

If he could get Ray to recite it, I’d buy it and rock it regularly.   Bravo and checkmate, my good sir.

The article itself provides a decent little glimpse of a man who, despite his iconic global stature, has managed to remain somewhat mysterious in this hugely overdriven, oversaturated media landscape.

Last Saturday, Ray and Phil mentioned rumors that Messi was unhappy about not even being dressed for Barca’s final La Liga match against Levante and I think, if true, and I have no reason to doubt that it is, that it speaks to one of the most underrated aspects of his greatness: his relentlessnessMessi makes sharks who have to keep swimming to live seem listless and lazy.  He never, ever stopsHis level of conditioning and determination is just…otherworldly…and almost frightening.  That day off was probably more of a shock to his system than the losing the Copa del Rey final.

To me, Messi is like a dastardly engineered (ala Serpentor) synthesis of Maradona (the legs and intuitive genius), the tireless, technical brutality of pre-family killing Chris Benoit and that other boy genius, Harry Potter.

I’m a little worried about Barca’s form heading into this Champions League final, though.  Injuries and meaningless matches the past few weeks seem to have damaged their cohesion, whereas United are playing some of their best football of the year.

More on this and other things soon.


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