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2011 Women’s World Cup: an elegy

First and foremost, this Women’s World Cup tournament has been a pleasure to watch and the quality and level of play has been nothing short of brilliant.  The final showcase between the tireless, technical juggernaut that is Japan and the … Continue reading

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Soccer: gnawing at the fragile psyche of the American sports punditocracy (rant)

Teeth gnash at flecks of grey matter prompting paranoid spittle to fly as negative nonsense spuriously spouts forth…the beauty, excitement and rightful attention paid to the Women’s World Cup has brought them to the brink. Witness this past Sunday after … Continue reading

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The Ball is Round

Lots of exciting things to share and talk about… First and foremost, I’m amazed to write the following words — but — joining Twitter for the sake of Wedontknowitasfootball has turned out to be a great experience, as I’ve discovered a ton … Continue reading

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