The Ball is Round

Lots of exciting things to share and talk about…

First and foremost, I’m amazed to write the following words — but — joining Twitter for the sake of Wedontknowitasfootball has turned out to be a great experience, as I’ve discovered a ton of people doing incredibly interesting and exciting writing on soccer all over the world and I want to share what I’ve found with anyone reading this who might not be aware of some of these websites.

  • In Bed With Maradona is an excellent site that views the Beautiful Game from beautifully obtuse, original and exquisite angles.  Football all over the world is covered in an exceedingly literate and fun, yes fun, manner.  I’m also very, very proud and excited to say that the good folks over there published a piece that I wrote about the United Soccer Association!  Here’s another interesting American themed piece they published recently called “Soccer in the Deep South.”  The editors and writers at IBWM are doing phenomenal work.  Please tune in!
  • One of my favorite discoveries has definitely been the fantastic French Football Weekly blog and podcast.  FFW features fluid, accessibly in-depth writing about Ligue 1 that makes me insanely jealous that I don’t get to see many matches from France’s top-flight.  Recent FFW posts I’ve really enjoyed are “The Mysterious Marvin Martin: ‘Little Xavi’” about the emergence of Sochaux’s midfield assist machine and “‘Allez the Lads!’ – Newcastle United’s French Revolution” which examines the Magpies recent foraging forays into French Football.  The guys who write this blog are passionate about spreading the Ligue 1 gospel and they deserve our support, for sure.  One of FFW’s writers, Jonathan, also writes a Ligue 1 blog for Sky Sports called “Le Gossip.”
  • Staying with French Football for a moment, the Equaliser, as part of its 1980’s Month festivities, has a typically stellar post titled “Le Carre’ Magique” which celebrates the glorious midfield engine that propelled the legendary 1982 French National Team to the World Cup semifinals and on through to their triumph in the 1984 European Championship.
  • The Swiss Rambler put together a dizzying, comprehensive and fascinating look at Palermo’s business model.  I wrote about Palermo a lot season and I truly hope they remain competitive and exciting.  One of the most shocking results in Serie A last season, in my estimation, was Catania’s 4-0 destruction of Palermo in the second Derby di Sicilia.
  • Finally, Gingers for Limpar provides us bewildered, confused Gunners fans a kaleidoscopic view of North London’s finest (?) including this monumental, epic season review.

That’s just a sampling of the bounteous and exciting summer reading I’ve been treated to thus far!

I promise to have some new content of my own soon.  I have hours worth of recorded FA Cup history to catch-up on and post about.  Also, some fun with the transfer window and a review of Gabriel Kuhn’s Soccer vs. the State should be up very soon.

Please stay tuned.


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This blog is and will be written by 2 passionate, recently converted fans of the world's game, football, or soccer as it's known to Americans. We will be writing primarily about European club soccer and we hope for this site to be a living compendium of informed fandom as we seek to learn and appreciate more about the legacies, rivalries and cultural significance of the 'Beautiful Game."
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