Review of Paul Lake’s I’m Not Really Here


I apologize for the lack of posts.  I’ve started taking classes again and I’ve also been lucky enough to have some of my writing published on other outlets such as ESPN’s Soccernet.  I’m extremely proud to say that Mark at ESPNSoccernet entrusted me with a review copy of Paul Lake’s excellent and absorbing new autobiography I’m Not Really Here.  I enjoyed the book and I’m very excited with the response and feedback the review has generated.  Paul Lake, himself, made my year by graciously Tweeting a thank-you!  It can be read here.

This is an excerpt:

“Lake, a native Mancunian and lifelong City fan, chronicles his meteoric rise through City’s youth team ranks as the book provides a panoramic cross-section of English football culture in the late 80s/early90s in a behind-the-scenes manner that is as revealing as it is entertaining. Lake is an able, affable raconteur and eyewitness to memorable events like City’s joyous promotion to the First Division in 1989, the international football scene as a member of England’s Under-21s and reserves in the shadow of World Cup 1990 and, finally, the inaugural season of the Premier League in 1992. Along the way, Lake shares everything from boot-room banter to boardroom intrigue and encounters big-name personalities ranging from Sir Alex Ferguson to Paul Gascoigne”

Please take a moment to visit ESPN and read the entire piece.


The Arsenal memories of the past few weeks, save for their somehow decent Champions League form, have been too painful to even rattle the keys and rant about.  I think Arteta has been brilliant, Mertesacker a little muddled etc.  I saw Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain play a tantalizing half for England’s Under-21s in an international friendly, but I’m not sure what he’ll be able to add in the Premier League this season.

No comment on the city of Manchester’s vulgar display of top of the table power…yet.

I have more to say on Serie A and La Liga, so please leave a comment if you like checking-in here to read my disorganized thoughts and ramblings on the beautiful game.  It would help to know you’re out there.



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